10 April 2010

so... it's Saturday, isn't?

as I'm waiting for my lentil soup to cool, I'm drinking my elder tea (this continues to be hilarious to me, and now the lentil soup adds to it) and thinking that things should soon be fine. indeededo, my optimism is making its way back to my mind and spirit. I am still very grateful that I somehow managed to know what would make me tremendously happy (or content, as this is the wise version of happiness). nevertheless, I have to wait until then and live life at its best. I'm happy that I offered myself the opportunity of presenting a project on Max Blecher, of returning to books in such a childhoodlike way and of rediscovering the pleasure of doing simple and beautiful things like... well, like a lentil soup (which btw is soooo good).
offtopic: yesterday I bought another owl, this one also came as a necklace, I simply adore it.
so have a lovely day of spring and smile with no reason whatsoever... better yet, smile because spring is finally here. :)
and good things are about to come.


  1. so welcome >:d<
    "and good things are about to come":)

  2. Hello, merci foarte mult pentru apreciere !!! Stiu, e foarte greu pe la noi cu magazinelele...dar daca stii unde sa cauti, se gasesc. Azi m-am intors din Zalau(orasul meu natal),iar acolo sunt chestiute la preturi de nimic(50bani, 1leu,2,3,4,5lei, iar cele la 15lei sunt considerate scumpe in second-uri :))) Voi posta in continuare tinutele mele deoarece observ ca lumea apreciaza ceea ce incerc eu sa ofer :P Merci inca odata. I love your work toooooo !(am uitat sa precizez;)) )


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