24 December 2011

home is where your heart and friends are

©verde ursuz
since I moved to my new house, lots of friends came to visit. we had small parties with a lot of cooking and somehow we always managed to spill wine on the carpet. and that's so great. it's always an amazing feeling to have friends over. yesterday I just paid the first instalment and while it's never a great pleasure to give a lot of money to the bank, it's a nice feeling knowing you worked for those money. it's also great to have a savings account. all those things make you wanna work even more and just become more organized. and no, it doesn't feel like boring adult life.

I remember one friend saying that once you get a job you're screwed. your social life is over. well, it's been almost two years with a full-time job and my social life has never been better. of course, you don't get to have a 7 o'clock getting home party on a Wednesday, but you can survive without it.

what might get to you, in fact, is the routine. and I think that's truly an enemy. sure, you will go out a lot, but that's also routine. having to go to work every day might force you to find relaxation in things like these. so for this new year, although I was never a NY resolution person (or was I?!), I just want to be more organized.

as for christmas and new year's eve party, well, I wish they would feel more special, but they don't. maybe just christmas and just tomorrow. of course, watching TV and stuffing your face doesn't count as waiting for holidays. soon I'm back to dear Bucharest where I have my old routines (yes, dear old enemies, I know), but it's always a great feeling of home there. of getting back to the things you're know so familiar with and I just feel different there (in a good way and hopefully not fatter by the time I come back).

I'm thinking I should also write you more about specific things from my life (cuz you know already, I never do). I think I did mention adopting a labrador metis in October this year who's named Otto and who's now fat and extremely happy! crazy beautiful dog with blue eyes!

this years I had some plans and some wishes. I postponed those plans (because I'm rather lazy) but oh so many of those wishes were accomplished by an amazing something which I cannot define and it was the moment when something changed inside of me but I can't put my finger on it and name it. It's like that sort of revelation, when something is clear as daylight but until someone doesn't say out loud to you, you just don't see it. I was blind and I didn't realize I was wasting my own life and my own happiness. I learned to trust my instincts like never before and the result: true happiness and me, I guess and hope, a better person.

it's not superficial love if you say you just feel you want to talk to everybody, but it just feels like that, like you wanna share your presence with everyone else. alright. so I'm done with my rambling for tonight. I'll keep you posted. maybe with some new things and ways of posting on this blog. but I don't like talking about them, I'd rather do them instead.

I'm not preaching, I'm confessing. :)


  1. so welcome home :)!
    i just felt like saying that would fit into the picture.

  2. Thank you, sweetie!


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