26 December 2013

love etc. talk about 2013

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 a wise man recently told me that even a line matters. because in some days I had time for nothing or felt like doing nothing (I do dislike those days). so he told me that even drawing a line, sketching a bit, searching for some inspiration is called work. and I'm talking about the work I do after my 8 hours schedule ends. I think it took me quite a long time to find a balance. well, I did not push myself harder for fear of starting to like less what I now love. I need to draw a line now, thinking about 2013. boy oh boy, such an interesting year. and it's not over yet! some friends proved to be amazing friends. can't describe in words the incredible amount of love that I felt. and given the fact that for the last few months I was feeling pretty in love all the time, I also sorta fell in love. but it's that sort of butterflyish (not a word, I know) excitement, when you just lose your head and just enjoy something a lot. and I enjoyed something a lot. and it felt so amazing that I lost my head, my reason and this huge smile became my new face. can't think of a better daily outfit than that. because when I like something or someone, than I really like something or someone. when I'm not, you'll see that question mark on my face. see? impossible to hide it. however, I learned that some things are better left unspoken. or that, at least, you should stop asking questions at some point. and just live in the moment or go through things. it's a maximum peak that I reached. a happiness peak? it just felt amazing and probably the right thing at the right moment. for sure, in fact, the right thing at the right moment. can't help but smiling about it. so yes, more work. more music (I listen to huge amounts of music, can't tell you. found out that I'm one of the top listeners of hype machine. proud of that), revive an old project, carry on with the actual one and work on my latest discovery. it has to do with me and only me. I do have to listen myself better. but at the end of the day (or year!), I do still believe in the same things: love, laughter, gratefulness, true friends (few!!!) and happiness. let's just say I got so closer to my own true self this year. and maybe recently more than ever. and it felt good, calming even. and again, it made me smile. like when you can actually hug and greet your own self. :)) well, this is a huge amount of honesty right here. I guess I can't nor should I change that about me. because although it can make the wrong people approach you, it will also attract the right people. and trust me on this one, those right people will be AMAZING. at least "my" right people are and I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM.
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