26 April 2009


... do what I do. I haven't studied because I've been watching this pretty much superficial TV show for the last two hours or so and the weird part about this it's that I don't feel a bit scared or as if running out of time although I am. Well, I guess it's just the feeling of doing something unnecessary and totally unhelpful. If I'm taking a long night? Well, I might but I might as well take a good night sleep. Or both. After all, there aren't many weird girls like me out there. So if I'm messing this up tomorrow morning, I shall blame myself. OK, I give up, we all know I'll put the blame on the teacher and I suppose I'm entitled to it because he might prove to be exactly the person we have all suspected him to be. But there are still many hours until tomorrow morning so I'd better go and read it all for the last time. See you all tomorrow morning, looks like I'm no longer having that tea after all, but I'm waiting for a Prince Charming to invite me. Oh, and the five o'clock thing is not mandatory.
Yours faithfully,
Grumpy Green.

Just wave if you've enjoyed this. I felt like playing a little bit this evening so this is what came out. I'm still the old me though and I'll be back as always with a new entry.

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