05 November 2009

Aurelie and Nina

I've been doing a lot of things lately, but mostly I just went out and wasted the enormous free time that I have... unfortunately, I guess. However, every day (or better said, every night) is really great and I spend almost all my time with my dear friend Suzee. So tonight I went to Yann Tiersen, I felt like everybody there was a little bit disappointed because Yann did not play not even one of the songs which made him well-known in Romania. But it was Yann nevertheless. :)
And then we went to a friend's birthday, brought him a chocolate b-day cake and then we left and ended up in Control which became some sort of a second home for us. I've seen my favourite couple there tonight (I already told you about them in a previous post). And only for tonight we were Nina from Sweden and Aurelie from Paris. It was fun fun fun... :)

offtopic: today I made ratatouille for the fifth time so I think it might become my favourite dish.

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