17 April 2011

go back, fool, go back to suffering

© the selby

mix'n'match your bones this time, your sheer skin and dark rings. mix'n'match your fears and your anger and all your pain with your exterior and let them see what you hold inside. let them forget about you since you forgot about them a very long time ago. let the world see the emptiness and the joy, the pain and the contentment go hand in hand. let them all admire your self-destructive metamorphosis and do not talk about it. allow yourself the self love and kindness and say hello to you in the morning and smile. and embrace your heart with both hands and ask for forgiveness. and tell those you love that you love them and ask for nothing in return and love yourself because no one else will if you can't bear your being. and smile and be honest. and stay true to yourself and become whatever you want to become as long as you don't burry your own self somewhere deep inside. stay true to yourself but travel. and travel the world as well and go there and come here and stop every day to see the sunshine and say hello to you. and pray if you want but do not pray for you but pray for the entire world to become a better place and then travel some more and take colours of you, take with you the colours of india and bring them home. and then become a better person with a brighter smile and travel some more. and change yourself every single moment if you do not like what you've become and move forward if you meet things you cannot control. and do all this just so you can wake up healthy the next morning and say hello to you. but now, go back, fool, go back to suffering and clean your body of misery and pain. and clear your mind and every single vein and sleep and rest your mind. and stay true to yourself and go there, wherever you wanna go. and follow your own path and stick to it because when you lose the trail it's when you abandon yourself. and then love some more and remember that life is not made of products you find in the store and little do you need to be happy. so change your mind and discover who you really are. and when you find that out, just say hello to you.


  1. Anonymous17:52

    I almost cried and smiled at once. Thank you for this!!

  2. :) >:D< don't have to thank me, but I'm glad it sent the right feeling.


With the past, I have nothing to do; nor with the future. I live now. Ralph Waldo Emerson

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