18 October 2011

how do you tame a lion

you don't tame it. you help it grow. you grow. you grow stronger. you repeat yourself stuff in your head. every day, the same. until you start believing it. you don't tame your inner lion or wolf or whatever. you feed it. you help it grow and become stronger than you are now showing to the others. don't struggle. life is not a struggle. if it is, it's because you see it that way. it is also a matter of luck. I won't deny it. maybe it's God. I still doubt that. but if you are still healthy than it is really up to you to tell yourself: "I have super powers".

you really CAN do all those things you're postponing. you really can break any patterns and overcome any fears. just try. and say this to yourself, just repeat to yourself and to others until it becomes your mantra, if you want to call it like that: "life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it".

it's true. I checked it. I woke up one day and told myself to respond differently. instead of worrying about past or future, I decided to live in the present. and guess what? the next day I could live with the choices I made in the recent past. only because I told myself I live now and I trust myself to make a good choice and stop fearing everything.

we are surrounded by mental blocks. our mind is filled. the inner self is strangled each day. sometimes you start at 7 o'clock or the minute you open your eyes in the morning. it's then when you sometimes panic. and it's also then when you should say: "today I will respond differently to all of this".

just try. and come back here and let us all know how that went. make yourself happy, you don't know if we live 9 lives or just this one. and it really doesn't matter 'cause this life is unique and every moment is precious. and also remember that there is no good or bad end of a situation. it's just how it was meant to happen. if you decide it's for the best, you will actually understand that it was for the best.

learn the lesson you should be learning from it and move on. and move on quickly. and carry on with living in the present. I am doing that now. for some time, in fact. and suprisingly, I'm ok in the morning. become stronger. every further step you take makes you a stronger person. but it's really up to you because most of the times, in nowadays society, people don't help you become stronger, but they can easily bring you down. just because you haven't decided to react in a different manner. but start today. now.

and don't forget to come back here and write about how you felt the change.

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With the past, I have nothing to do; nor with the future. I live now. Ralph Waldo Emerson

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