23 September 2013


an out-of-body experience would be and has been to watch you sleep. I always found it peaceful. that because you could sleep like that, deep, profound. I guess I fell in love with the way you slept, as well. 

and then, the way you hugged me. strong, I liked it I loved it how I could sleep on your arm. loved it. morning. oh, how I loved it. 

and then there's that silence two people share. the perfect silence, occasionally interrupted by each other's heart beats. and I'd say I'm not romantic at all. hell I'm not. making coffee for you each morning, now that's something romantic, knowing you'd be awake in a few minutes. loved that as well.

but most of it, most of it all, I loved it how you'd look through the shelves. pick that and that and that. borrow them all, read them hungrily and bring them back, asking for more. and bring me yours and growing together.

and then there's you, so not caring, so not wanting to read. we made our own schedules. couldn't believe you're the same person yet two people at the same time. 

yet again, it's been a while since I wrote fiction. 


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