26 December 2008

Guilty Pleasures

Sleeping on Sunday mornings. I don't get to do that nowadays, but I keep it on my next year's wishlist.
Candies. Of any type. Of any colour. Of any time (well, not quite, but you got the picture).

Yes, knitting like a sweet old grandma...

Only between the exams.

Bad boys.

Fashion blogs.
You can buy me with a chocolate. No, I'm not that cheap, but you can try.

Now let's face it! We all have them. And we take good care of them, don't we?! And yes, dears, this is a tag and it goes straight here, here and here. Enjoy it!
P.S. These pictures have been randomly taken from Flickr or I found them in some of my folders. The idea is that other people took them. Talented people.


  1. Anonymous02:03

    Thanks so much for the tag, it sounds like real fun. I will be posting about it real soon!

  2. :) Glad you liked it. I'm looking forward to it.

  3. yeah, that's so sweet. I got the point, next time I'll surprise you with a chocolate :P


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