06 December 2009

sad for having lost yet another day (or night)

but I would do it again. Going down the rabbit hole has never been easier.

uneori când te privesc am impresia că we could have been. nu am însă nevoie decât de o clipă la fel de scurtă pentru a-mi da seama că we will never and never could. alteori, când te privesc, ai impresia că we could have been. unfortunately, it will take much longer for you to understand that we will never and never could.
totul o să fie bine. cu bune şi cu rele. but what's exactly good and what's exactly wrong? and if wrong makes me feel good, doesn't that wrong become good? you'll have to help me out with this one.
and now about you, a whole different you. it's funny how I sometimes think that I could've taken care of you for the rest of my life. but as one clever man once said, love is found in the mind, not in the heart.
so take me by the hand and let's go down this bumpy road together.
maybe we've already peeked and now it's high time we fell. down, down this bumpy road. I'd waste every night, too bad I have to sleep from time to time. too bad I waste myself along with these nights. I feel sorry for having thrown away kisses and hugs. I wasted my lips with you and my time. and I feel equally sorry for both.
sure, I have to go back out there and make it through. sometimes I get sick of it, sick of me and sick of you. and I wish I could stop this feeling of slowly fading away. perhaps everything will turn out just fine and I'll do more than just enjoying every minute of every night. with or without you.

things are fine. things are always fine.

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With the past, I have nothing to do; nor with the future. I live now. Ralph Waldo Emerson

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