27 August 2010

so today, a better day

you all know that this blog is built on ups and downs. so if yesterday I was not having such a merry time, today's a rather fine day which started with a lot of black tea (two ginormous mugs already and there are more to come since last night I had barely slept then hoped that something bad would happen to those mowing the grass at 4 am but then felt sorry about my negative thoughts so I only hoped their machine would break. forever).

and then I've reached a healthy conclusion and I'm well satisfied with it: it always feels good not feeling anything about anyone. to be more exact, it's like a weight is lifted when you no longer ask yourself questions and try to analyze things and actions. so when not in the mood for anything, it's great to know it's nothing there and you're at peace with yourself.

so this is pretty much everything for today, I'll get back to my work now.

we're going to party tonight as well because it's Friday and tomorrow there's gonna be this great vegetarian barbeque and so on but I've noticed it's never a good idea to make specific plans because they might get ruined and I always get angry when that happens.

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