17 May 2009

Have some tea with me

My past few days in four photos:
A friend gave me another teapot.My new pocket watch.
Raftul Atwood prinde contur.

I love when people give me flowers and especially when I care a lot about those people.


  1. 8->...un mic univers ca o petala de trandafir.

  2. flower with a journey..and some lunch!mmm!

  3. @ Sara: Il vad mai degraba ca pe un univers cu miros de ceai si plin de prieteni.

    @ H.: That lunch! We should definitely go there again!

  4. Anonymous05:33

    niiiice! I have been thinking about it SO often, because there are several here in Japan. I should really go back and get them already! SO cute!

  5. da' auzi..poza cu ceasu' ai facut-o cumva cu trepiedul? :))

  6. @the_kitten: You should definitely do that! Can't wait for the photos! :)

    @H.: Haha, you funny guy. No, I can still hold the camera straight using only my hands. Imagine that!


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