09 May 2009

How to Kill a Lilly

Oh, my dear lillies, I am so scared, my mind is shattered, what does it take to have a heart-attack?
I wake up in the morning and I lose my breath
there is a weight on my chest
you know, like Harry felt while waiting for his death
when that turpid hyena was waiting for him.
My dear lillies, could this be the end?
of my soul, of my heart, of my smiles,
of my jolly existence
of myself?
Powerless and weak I find myself today
in front of a demoniac executioner
In vain I cry: 'have mercy, oh'
Snow Queen put ice in his eyes.
this bloody heart bleeds
I cannot see my hands, I cannot stop the blood
the pain, the screaming, the dreams
it's all running down on my feet and I step on everything:
on my soul, on my heart, on my smiles
on my jolly existence,
on myself.

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