07 June 2009

Comme je suis lazy!

Oh, these lovely mornings with Gin Wigmore and Those Dancing Days. Too bad it's missing something which would've completed the picture. Eh ouais... I am such a lazy girl this morning. I bought this book yesterday.

Et parce que j'adore Penelope Jolicoeur, j'ai fait ce dessin:

Ouais, c'est moi!

And because it's such a lovely morning, let's make it even better:
Those Dancing Days-Run Run


  1. desenul tau e foarte dragut, iar tipa din clip e adorabila:x

  2. thanks, I like it too.

  3. eu cred ca ea e adorabila si desenul si clipul e dragut :)

  4. comme tu es formidable!

  5. merci les deux, vous etes vraiment adorables!

  6. oh no! merci .


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