12 May 2010

într-o zi de miercuri

I'm tired. I often think and feel that I'm tired. If I stop one second and think about the last whole year, well, all I can say is that it's been weird. Not particularly good, not particularly bad. I've met some new people, I've decided to leave behind some others. I guess I only like to talk about ordinary things in a rather unusual way.
Yesterday we went to Galateca where Cărtărescu announced his latest book (which I also bought) called "Frumoasele străine". It's been fun. And everybody there also got an autograph, of course. I'm glad I'm closer to this world of books now.
I don't know what I wanted to write about in the first place. Nothing, I guess. I'm a little bit upset now because I took my umbrella with me, dressed for rain, and after it indeed rained a little bit, it stopped and I'm now dressed in black, with my umbrella next to me (I hate carrying my umbrella around) and while I'm having my hot chocolate, I'm thinking that I wish my dear A. were here, because I got used to spending Wednesdays together.
:) sweet update: a guy just entered the place and he's holding a rose and a magazine, so I'm thinking it might be a first date. First dates are always fun, I believe.
I'm gonna be a total geek now and check his date when she's coming. But I think we might have to wait a little bit, I think she's late. Or maybe he got here too soon, I bet he's nervous. So bare with me, I'll get back to you with a later edit. Oh, he also bought her coffee. Hmm, that means it's not their first date if he bought her drink even if she's not here yet.
be right back, munchkins!
later edit: it's been like, what, 15 minutes already? well, she's not here yet and he's reading her magazine.
OK, I hope you won't be disappointed by what's coming: it no longer looks like a first date, it actually appears that they were trying to get back because he seemed more eager to hug and kiss her. and now she's all in tears. yet again, who knows how things are for real, I'm just a spy but it's no longer fun. hope they'll fix whatever it's no longer working.
bye, munchkins!
and keep me updated with your stuff too.


  1. sweet post.i haven't seen,done, read anything lately that would inspire me to write a sweet post.too bad for the couple anyways.

  2. I think you should look for the beautiful things that would inspire you. maybe some stories, some photographs or some music. or go in a bookshop, grab a book and observe the people there, I'm sure you'll see smth beautiful.

  3. vai da VAI daaaaaaaa vaai!!!!ce as fi vrut sa fiu langa tine atunci!
    si cat de drag ai scris!

  4. :)) thank you, dearest. >:D<


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