02 May 2010

Short Sunday Update

The book I wanted to tell you about was Sam Savage's Firmin. It's been an incredible journey, I adored every line of this book. I also finished The Reader (I know, I should've done this ages ago) and it was a good book, it did not disappoint me as I expected since I had already seen the movie. I'm planning on making a list with all my recent (and favourite) readings so I can keep a list for myself but also for those who like to search trough this kind of reading lists.
Now it's time for Harold and Maude, have a lovely evening!


  1. FIRMIN ! îmi permit să pun : :X:X:X

    te pune pe gânduri rău...şi te amuză,te surprinde,te atinge,te doare,te mângâie,te încruntă,te destinde,te tot.

  2. :) yes, yes, it does.

  3. Anonymous15:30

    You should publish this list. And write the genre of the books, too. It's essential. :)

  4. o sa adaug un post cu link-uri, it will save me precious time.

  5. Anonymous21:59

    Sounds good. :)


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