14 July 2010

lazy after all

as I'm restraining myself from any suspicious form of artificial food (and please, do remember that I've been a chocolate addict), I ended up buying a ginormous pack of cereal biscuits and some tasteless diet yogurth (tastes like water with a drop of milk). so after counting how many calories I will allow myself today, I put the bag aside after eating almost half of its content. But since I also had a peach after it, let's say I had an almost healthy brunch.

it bothers me that I am so lazy sometimes in the morning that even if my alarm wakes me up at 7, I stay in bed until 8 or so and then I realize I've no time left for preparing something fancy for the other blog, taking the photos and eating the food, let alone mixing together some yogurth and cereals. and of course, no time for tea (I made no tea yesterday morning nor today so you can get a picture of my disoriented wake-up call).

it also bothers me when I see that some BIO products are ridiculously expensive in some supermarkets just because they are bio and not full of artificial flavours. We're paying extra-money for things our grandparents got for free straight from their vegetable gardens.

it's so weird that only a year ago I would eat chocolate, all sorts of biscuits, candies, chips, burgers and all and now all I can get from an entire food store is a pack of natural corn flakes. however, I do not complain, I just think it's weird and I'm sometimes still craving for some sweets I used to enjoy a lot.

as today is rather quiet at work, I'm enjoying two of my favorite blogs and waiting for the end of the working schedule so I can go and meet a dear friend who just come back from a short holiday. yesterday I went to the park to meet some other friends. I find it unusual that while I enjoy sitting on the grass and reading a book or having a picnic, I dislike walking around like so many other people do. so yes, walks in the park are not for me.

I'm currently reading some plays written by Llosa and then I'm probably gonna be reading Updike's Villages.

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