12 July 2010

no more posts in English, I promise.

at least until... uhm... let's say Friday?
Yesterday I spent 4 hours at Starbucks with a dear friend, that kind of person that you know you'd get along even in 20 years just because you're both sincere persons, open-minded and darn talkative. and today, while being at work and craving for the yummy chocolate cream from yesterday's afternoon, I only managed to get an Italian cappucino which tricked my stomach into believing that I actually drank something close to a hot chocolate.

but this is not what about today's topic is going to be. as I was reading (yet again, yet of course) Maura's blog and drinking that weird cappucino, it got me thinking (yet again, yet of course) about the huge differences between our way of thinking, acting, living and theirs. The American people. Which I adore for many things.

Now, putting aside things like the way of thinking and acting in a lot of different situations, what I envy the most is the fab life they're having out there. Just imagine: riding your bike without being chased by ten dogs at a time, having a lot of great places (teahouses, coffeshops, bakeries) where you could go and enjoy breakfast or brunch, all very fancy looking, but not with those arogant-posh-snob prices that we have here, a lot of awesome bookshops were a 300 pages novel doesn't cost you 10% of your salary, great market places, great shops, great parks, great sidewalks, great everything. I'm not saying there are no flaws, but here, when I look around, I can't see the good things because of the so many flaws (and I so do not wanna talk anymore about the insanely huge amount of things which make me want to leave the country in a couple of years).

so yes, as I said before, life is elsewhere. but I also wanted to ask for your opinion, to know how do you see/like your life in your towns? and what do you do to change that? and would you have the courage to leave and move to another country? what would be the hardest thing to leave behind?

comments will be appreciated.

very offtopic: I finished Julian's book. I do not recommend it at all, it probably short-circuited
lots of neurons in my brain just because of being
way too bored and angered while reading it
and trying to finish it faster.

don't forget to comment! :)


  1. eu vreau sa stau cate un an in cat mai multe orase din Europa. si mai multi ani in Islanda. o masina si a close friend sunt de ajuns. cel mai frumos va fi dimineata.. fiecare dimineata in alt local mic, dragut cu vedere spre oameni.
    sper sa nu mor de dorul parintilor

  2. Ce frumos! Si ai dreptate, o masina si a close friend chiar sunt de ajuns.

  3. Anonymous00:20

    Imi place viata in Cluj, dar simt ca ma sufoc daca nu am iarba si copaci langa casa. Clujul e impanzit de asfalt. Asa ca daca m-as muta undeva, ar fi cu siguranta intr-un satuc in inima verde.

    In alta tara nu as vrea sa traiesc (decat eventual cateva luni maxim). De ce? Pentru ca am trait deja si mi-a fost dor, tare dor de casa, desi locul acela a fost my dream-town din toate punctele de vedere: amplasare, clima, forme de relief, fauna si vegetatie, oameni. Si inafara de dor, simt o responsabilitate fata de Romania, simt ca vreau sa fac ceva pentru ea, sa fie mai bine. Sa ajut oamenii. Sa fiu omul corect care mai strica din stereotipul romanilor.


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