17 July 2010

Saturday alone

Last night I had a very pleasant time with a friend. Although we met up for a coffee, we then decided to go have dinner in a different place then the coffee shop and so we talked for hours. This morning I got up weirdishly early for a Saturday and began cleaning the apartment. I had lunch and now I just decided to go again at the coffee shop and start working on my translation.

The only problem is that outside everything's literally melting and on the top of it, I'd have to carry my laptop with me and because it's such an old pal, it's quite heavy but still hanging on. Now, since I'm also not a big fan of working inside the house (I can almost never focus my attention on working), my going out will have to ignore the heat from the streets. Also, I get veeery sleepy whenever I try writing/reading too much while staying inside.

All in all, it's been a pretty nice day so far. And it's far from ending, isn't it? So now I have some stuff to do and then off I go. I leave with a very great band, enjoy it and have a pleasant day!

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