09 July 2010

Living Flirtatiously

I fell in love with Maura Kelly's Living Flirtatiously Blog. You can google that or check marieclaire.com and you'll most definitely find it since you managed to find my blog (imagine that!). She's 35 and she's pretty much like me or I'm pretty much like her. She's writing things that we almost never have the guts to spill out. About fears, love, men. I adore her and her writing.

Although she's a true inspiration, I believe my little stories about flirting in real life, about falling in love and being attracted only to douchebags would be misunderstood simply because our way of thinking is fairly different then theirs. And this is not a cliche, it's a fact.

But besides that, I wanted to tell you about things one should not do on a Friday night. Because I've pretty much gave up going out in the club for the last few months (this decision was actually taken when I decided to become a veggie, but that's just a strange coincidence), I decided to enjoy this evening by reading and watching some more SATC. That, in my new geeky way of living, also meant that I'll get to sleep a little more and be able to enjoy the rest of the weekend with some dear friends. But let's get back to the idea I should not have had tonight: I decided to make some soup. At 11pm. There went my sleep, my 2 SATC episodes and my novel that I was trying to finish.

The weirdest thing is that I had no intention of cooking tonight, but then hunger or boredom, haven't decided yet, strike when you least expect. So driven by an acute laziness, I put all the ingredients in the pot and abandoned them on the calor gas. Now, any person who made at least an omlette in her life, knows that this is not a proper way to make a soup. Let's say it would not have been such a big problem hadn't I completely absolutely entirely forgot about it. So yes, when struk by a lightning I ran into the kitchen, the quantity of soup had diminished dramatically.

After adding some more water and waiting for it to boil some more, it turned out to be a yummy midnight soup. Of course, the soup might be terrible and I might be too sleepy to notice it, but now it just doesn't matter.

So enjoy the blog, live flirtatiously if you feel like it and don't make any soups at 11pm!

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