10 July 2010

I'm good at shopping.

the most useless stuff. but did I mention I'm good at it? Each time it rains I'm wearing sandals or sneakers. Either way, my feet get soaked every single time so by the time I get home I can actually squeeze buckets of water of whatever I'm wearing. So I decided to go and buy some flat leather shoes as I don't want to be conditioned by rain and wear heels every time it's cloudy.

I went to Ikea first, just because I thought it would be some sort of blasphemy to get in the area and not stopping by. And, of course, since I said I'm good at shopping, I instantly spotted items I didn't need. However, my mind didn't seem to share the same opinion: "you absolutely need some more plates! aaawww, and look at that bowl, isn't that cute? you just HAVE to buy it! and forks!!! you need more forks and spoons and knives, take those, they come in a set! and that green candle, it goes with the... plates! uuu, nice bed sheet, don't you think?" Yes, I absolutely handed my wallet to my psycho shoppaholic dwarf I had inside my head and kept thinking that I still had money left on my credit card. Oh, also bought a bottle opener because although we're having wine quite often, we always open the bottle with a knife. pretty nerdy, indeed.

later on, as I was feeling rather good (the tiredness hadn't yet stricken) about myself and the world in general, I texted an old acquaintance to meet me up for a beer. As things got wild again in the shopping center (this time me, not the midget, deciding that I need some stuff), I ended up buying pants instead of shoes, translucent (?! :-??) compact powder (when you enter sephora, you're doomed) instead of shoes, another white tee instead of shoes and by some miracle I stopped there when I realized I could no longer carry the ikea stuff and keep on buying things. also, since this is not NY, my credit card has a limit attached to it (darn, I say!).

by the time I got home, I was dead tired. I threw away the bags and lied on the bed, almost falling asleep (oh, did I mention I'm 80?). and by a perfect timing, a text message announced me that the beer had been postponed for a concert. and now, happy that I can get some rest and no longer leaving the house (I walked miles today, I did), I'm so tired that I can't even go to the kitchen, make some tea and eat some delicious salad which of course I should first make.

although a friend will go out later, the old lady inside of me will stay at home. and finish julian barnes with his excruciatingly boring novel "love etc.". I know Dreamer wanted to know how I feel about this book. Well, sweetie, it's killing me with every page but I want to finish it because I'm a masochist. however, a friend told me that I should see the movie. I will, just because this book gives me the impression that someone made a movie, a rather mediocre, yet enjoyable one, and then somebody else (let's name him julian barnes) wrote a bad book after seeing the movie.

I have maura's blog to finish reading, my dinner salad to make and eat, my tea to drink, my new pants to try on again (we all do that, I wonder why...) and hopefully a good night sleep.

did I mention I completely forgot to buy food?!


  1. first of all we make bubbles out of our shoes, please! :p

    now to finish reading your post.

  2. second: I bought 2 white plates too, since I had only floral ones.
    now oldy me.

  3. last: eh, shish food!
    eating books taste's better, 6am comes when you least expect and you feel like a hero when you're an eye halo.

  4. Did i ever mention how fabulous your blog is? Mda, cred ca ma repet. :D

  5. @a dreamer: oldy us, we're buying so many plates! :)) and about sleeping only from 6 am, that for me is impossible, the latest I go to sleep is 2 am.
    @MariD: dunno, but it never hurts reading it again! :D Lots of thanks!


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