08 October 2010

enjoy your autumn

I have to make time (again) to do all the things I always plan for the weekend. But you see, I got used to doing this by myself. I love having a tea in my own rhythm, I don't it like when someone else is rushing me. I like taking a long time while shopping for anything really (whether it's food, clothing or home accessories). Of course I enjoy my friends' company, but sometimes (quite often in the past few months) I can only bare with me and that's all. This explains why I bought a theatre ticket for this weekend to a play I wanted to see for a long time. I don't like waiting for someone else to make up his or her mind. I used to, but then I gave up and this had to do with some disappointments. So now, I never try to make the relationships with other people work better. They will if we connect, there's no use in trying over and over again.
This bad weather is my favourite although it brought me a big cold and found a closet full of summerish clothes. I didn't find the time to go and buy a warm wool sweater, but tonight, before going to see 'The Ilusionist' animation, I will stop by and buy a sweater I've spotted last week. Also, self-reminder: should go and buy some new tea sortiments because none of the 9 types left in the kitchen matches with the cold season.

whenever I'm stressed, I tend to return to my old chocolate addiction (and that, let me tell you, was a very strong one). I had a big chocolate last night and I just had another chocolate an hour ago. So you see, how weak I am. After giving up all junk food, chocolate still remained a thing I still buy now and then (or yes, sometimes two days in a row). But I decided to give it up for good and only eat homemade chocolate so I can avoid, for good this time, anything unknown substance which from the beginning should not be in anything we buy (yes, I've become that sort of food freak because I realized one day that my eating habits were really unhealthy and it was then when I gave up eating meat after having already given up artificial and processed food). So you see, if it's not a strong decision, the 'no exception' type, it won't work. And realizing that about myself helped me a lot. Making no exceptions is sometimes the best idea.

Later, I'll go dancing and again, I will see only a friend there and be in need for no one else. Tomorrow morning I'm planning a breakfast at the Van Gogh restaurant where I wanted to go for some time now and I'm excited about that place. We'll see how much sleep I get tonight although I no longer enjoy wasting the whole night just because I want to be able to enjoy fully the next day. I also want to finish reading 'Eat, pray, love' because I do not enjoy it that much and I want to start reading another one. Later on, some knitting is scheduled (I'm working on a green bear hat :p) and now I really have to run, maybe I catch up with my writing later!

have a great night, I'll try to give up chocolate for good and get back to my vegetables :p!

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  1. I won't be mad because of the chocolate and neither your heart or mind will be.
    at least she has the right to sweet'n up us, ok Vu?

    ps: maybe I'm too straight here. sorry if so.


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