29 October 2010

when I get tired

all photos from weheartit.com

I know that most of the time this is because I'm sleep deprived. it is then when I can no longer focus and I am not satisfied with lots of things. but now it's Friday and I should do something about all the things which bothered me during the week. First of all, I need a tidy room. And then I will redecorate it. I feel so sorry now that I bought black furniture but one has to live with it (at least until a new home) since one took a bad decision a couple of months ago. but what can you do with some orange walls? not much, I tell you. Especially when orange is not your favourite colour but you have to literally face it every day. Tomorrow I'll be meeting someone for breakfast and later on I'll be having some tea with someone I don't know yet. I miss reading Arts&Decorations, a wonderful magazine, so I should buy it tonight. and then I have to cook and photograph whatever I'll be cooking since my other blog here is crying for some new posts. It's weird how I can't wait for these things but I'm not thinking about actually getting any sleep. And it's also weird how I don't really wanna meet friends this weekend but I don't wanna stay inside on Sunday.

also, last night I watched New York, I love you, it was a nice movie, but it made me wanna see a French movie this weekend. strange, isn't it? and I think I know what movie I'll see. fingers crossed for all my plans to stick to the schedule. will have to refuse any other offer (unless it's a really tempting one). I really miss baking cakes and having time to enjoy a lovely afternoon.

so maybe I see you in a couple of days. with photos. :)

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