30 October 2010

when you get enough sleep, all is full of love

să nu mai uităm de ceea ce ne face fericiţi. so far, so wonderful. I had a lovely day. another breakfast at van gogh cafe, another two theatre tickets although I had to wait in line for half an hour, another book, a great one which I didn't expect to find here, it's penelope bagieu's cadavre exquis,I was so happy, still am, my day's not over and all is full of love. I have to clean my room a bit, put the groceries in the kitchen and then I'm out again. this meant no going out last night, just dinner with a friend and that also meant being able to enjoy this day. I love waking up in the morning and not being tired or sleepy. 

smile. pictures tomorrow. 


  1. Tot timpul imi propun sa mananc un mic dejun la van gogh, dar nu ajung niciodata. :)

  2. it's quite nice there. not that high prices and good food. :)


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