03 February 2012

high on so many levels

Play this first:

I need it in my veins. I have it my veins. It's injecting my soul. The world out there doesn't exist anymore. I am high on music. Higher than ever. Every sound which you cannot identify, I feel it in me. Bursting multi-coloured sounds, I'm drowning between the most incredible waves of sound. How could I describe this to you? You just turn the volume up and you feel it. It goes straight to my heart.

God knows I've been listening to almost every music genre. Always open to new, looking for the matching sound. The sound that'd match my self. And I found it. I have finally found it. Or maybe it's been always there, waiting for me.

It's the burning sound of pleasure. Pure pleasure. I am smiling while listening to it and it's been like this for the last weeks. You do not expect others to enjoy or love your music. You just like it and TRUST it to the level that you no longer care. You just finally trust your own music matching you. Because I know myself, at last. Finally, after knowing who I am and loving the wolf side, this music completes me. I am loving so many things and so many people.

Finally, I am truly loving life.

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