08 January 2010

good night, good morning

beautiful things are about to happen.

meanwhile, I wish I could sleep more. people say I look kind of tired. doesn't surprise me at all.

I've been working on a paper about weblogs. Can't believe I used to write about Shakespeare. Although he has been one of my favourites.

I'm also focusing on my children's book. Sadly enough, I usually need a cozy place for writing. So I can't write as much as I want in one day, let's say.

So here I am, sleepy and happy. beautiful things are about to happen.

I have now time to study buddhism as I should've right from the beginning. But it's not too late and one should not live in the past, so I focus on the present moment. And so, I should probably sleep right now. But I found some things which inspired me and got me started. And if you didn't notice by now, I'm rather talkative. And I love it.

Talking about love, this is also another thing which is going to bloom together with the spring and all kinds of beautiful flowers.

It's good to be this peaceful, it's good to be in a warm room.

It's a good night.

And it's quiet.


later edit: I accidentally just smashed the remote. :

a clear sign I should go to sleep.


  1. Anonymous18:54

    Despre ce va fi cartea? :)

  2. chiar despre ce?:)

  3. it has to be a beautiful story. with dreams and hopes. it's for the child within.

  4. if u need an illustrator i'm in ;) good luck with the book anyway

  5. Oh, that would be just great, I love your illustrations! :D Once it's finished, maybe we can meet and see what can be done.

  6. surely.hopefuly i'll be in bucharest till june so go go go :D

  7. oh, that's good news. I'll do my best. :)


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