17 January 2010

so far, so good

my day so far: chocolate biscuits, winter cocktail tea, almonds, 4 hours at bcu, then a few minutes at cărtu of course, bought some green tea and another tea box and now I'm going to Control to see 2 movies. :) enjoy this beautiful day!

told you I was gonna be fine! :p


  1. i like your day so much more than mine. let's switch ;)

  2. haha, now, but those days will be back soon and you already had days like this, isn't it? :p
    and don't say no cuz I have photos to prove it! and you know it's up to you to make every day beautiful!

  3. uh...winter cocktail ... :)

  4. :) printre cele mai bune ceaiuri.


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