09 June 2010

I am a woman

but I forget that sometimes. damn it, quite often. I am such a normal person sometimes. I am such a weirdo the rest of the time. I enjoy watching movies like The Devil Wears Prada and Sex and The City. I've watched all the seasons, I've seen SATC 1 and tonight we just came back from SATC 2. I am literally in love with Carrie Bradshaw as a character and I'm not ashamed, no, Sir, not one bit, to say it. I am so insecure sometimes. I am so proud sometimes. I don't like people being grumpy, but I realize I am like that sometimes. We all are. I criticize people, actions, ways of thinking. I do not agree with so many things. But I acknowledge all these negative things which make me a bad person and I try to change them, to improve whoever I am. I like European movies, even those which make your brain hurt, but I also watch a lot of American silly movies. I enjoy every single page of Elle, Marie Claire and Harper's, but I've also read Shakespeare in the old English. I am who I am, but I sometimes don't like myself. I am tired now and slightly sad. And I have only one thought which keeps bugging me. But if I've learned something in life, it would be that I'm going to figure it out somehow. I always do. So yes, that's pretty much me at midnight, on a Wednesday night.


  1. I fucking love The Devil Wears Prada, let me give you a hug >:D<

    PS: Check this out and smile http://izismile.com/2009/12/24/unusual_design_of_ordinary_things_167_pics.html

  2. Gosh', I remember when I first saw SATC1, at 7am it ended. I was alone, in my bed, with my lap on my knees, now looking at the ceiling and all that experience through the night made me write like thousands of pages, feelings. I don't know what or how, but it made me cry and feel so... profound.

    many would say: "typically women".

  3. And SATC2 is still pending. I'm waiting for the moment I'll be free of stress (if that can be possible?), to be able to feel those things again.

  4. and I say again: be so happy that you have... I don't know... with who you can see that movie first!
    it is something, believe me!
    that means you're not alone and you can still find that heart that can resonate with you, when you feel the need.

  5. and again I talk too much :-"

  6. @suflet naiv: that's so kind, thank you very much. I've already spotted some things I would like for my future home.
    @A dreamer: I know exactly what you're talking about, I always find it inspirational when it comes writing like Carrie did. Especially since I dream of having a job as an editor.
    as for those who say typically women, well, I take that as a compliment because otherwise I'm afraid I'd have to say that typically men always has a negative conotation.

  7. I'm pretty sure you'll soon be free to do whatever you like and you'll have enough time, I suppose it's school that buggs you right now.


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