11 July 2013

it's all a big joke, ain't it so?

you're free to do everything, ain't it so? cuz it's all a big joke. a big beautiful joke. and you have so much power but you are so scared thinking something bad will happen or are you, in fact, scared that something truly wonderful could happen?

do you fear sadness or happiness? do you fear them both? but it's all a big joke, can't you see? wasting time, wasting so much time, don't waste all that time. go sleep now, go eat now, go love now, go do whatever you need or have or want to do cuz it's all a big joke anyway, a big wonderful joke and when you understand how much time you've been wasting you'll say that a minute is a lot of time to waste so there would be no more time for waiting, no more time for worries, second thoughts, ex-lovers.

so go dance now, drink that wine, become whoever you wanna be and no longer care about those who never cared and never will. have no time for resentments. don't fear sleep, don't fear nightmares, just go and close your eyes and trust that things will be ok because if you love and truly live, my dear, you will see how this is just a wonderful joke and then you'll start laughing and you'll laugh until the rest of the days.

cuz the joke's on you.

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With the past, I have nothing to do; nor with the future. I live now. Ralph Waldo Emerson

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