03 July 2013

past, stay in the past

it's that one day when you forget everything. it's that one day when you know, you want, more than anything, that the past stays in the past. when everything around you disappears, when you forget names, people, when you simply promise yourself you are done with so many things.

when did this turn into a merry-go-round? how did it happen? some things are so right, some things are just so clear, so great, so like the way they're supposed to be or just the way you wished for them to become real one day. and so, they did. unexpected forms, reality, just by placing one step in front of the other.

and then the other side, the fall, the inner poise crumbling, falling to pieces. past, fucking stay in the past. you are not welcome here.


  1. Un fel de mantra pentru a pune trecutul in trecut:
    "ce importanta mai au aceste intamplari azi? dar in ziua cand voi implini 90 de ani?"

  2. asa e. doar ca uneori, indiferent de ce ne spunem, cred ca depasim anumite momente doar trecand prin ele.


With the past, I have nothing to do; nor with the future. I live now. Ralph Waldo Emerson

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