31 March 2010

just a short update before I hit the road

I finished the children story (it's not yet a book, but it will hopefully become one, I still have to get in contact with xavia who was so kind offering to participate to this project). as you can see, I finished it today and today is still March so hooray, I managed to write it in time. Now, in a few hours I'll be leaving, I can't wait to see again my dear city and I won't be able to keep you updated since I'll be giving up internet for a week. :) this should come as a nice break. hugs to all of you, I promise photos when I come back.

©Verde Ursuz


  1. Drum bun şi liniştit! >:D<

  2. Anonymous20:28

    Felicitari ca ai reusit sa o termini! :)

  3. asa sa faci.si mi-ai facut dor de viena!:)


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