11 November 2010

can you cure chocolate mousse addiction?

I definitely need a workplace where they don't allow you to eat. and so then I'd probably stop having this extended lunches in front of the computer, I would give up this unhealthy unnecessary deserts (chocolate mousse, really?), I would stop drinking coffee (I became, in fact, a greenteaholic) and then I'd stop feeling guilty for having eaten things my body doesn't need at all.

Yesterday I met lovely Audrey over some coffee at Verona and she's indeed lovely lovely lovely aaand she's gonna be working for the magazine as well as one of my favourite bloggers let me know last evening. Our team is now fully complete and I cannot wait for the second meeting when we should already show to the others bits of our work. And of course I downloaded Photoshop but had no time to start learning (using tutorials, of course). And oh, I'm gonna miss my dear old Photoscape.

Tip for the girls whose budget was not affected by the economic crisis: you can find in piata amzei a clothing store where they have dresses from Chloé, Anna Sui, Tsumori Chisato and so many others at only 50-80 euros (it's that store with glass walls on the corner where the newspaper store is).

I will go to Kilipirim today, I have only 2 hours to spare (not quite, cuz I'm skipping classes to go there and buy some more books) and then of course I have to rush back to university. I hope my lovely suz will come too (we're both skipping from our duties :)) ).

also, this blog is going down on zelist so that can only mean that people are getting tired of me complaining about so many things. it's understandable, perhaps some Romanian fun stories would help me as well. and some more photos perhaps?

it might also be due to the fact that I lacked a certain amount of sincerity here, not lying to you, but not telling all the things that have happened or are still happening to me. So just out of curiosity (in case any of you has the patience of reading this till this point) are there any specific topics you'd like to find here? or are there any favourite posts you found here and you want something similar?

thanks in advance, have a lovely Thursday. and take your umbrellas if you're still at home, it might rain today!


  1. I belive you should write what you feel, exactly how you are. You said it yourself 'scriu pentru mine, ca să cresc mare.', what happened to that? Why is so important the zelist top? Were you lying? Hope not, cuz I love reading you everyday. You're lighting my day up. If the others don't like you, c'est la vie! You can't have everything.
    So, please, don't do what others do or what you to.

    P.S. I also love your English posts/stories.

  2. :) thank you, you're too kind. No, of course I was not lying. As I said, I recently didn't write all the things because I am used to write lots of the things that happen and then I just couldn't and I suppose that made me somehow to no longer know what to write here.

  3. or it's just a phase, of course, I will switch back to the old me.


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