04 November 2010

where to?

nice and cozy. a narrow stream of light makes half of my keyboard feel warm. it's that autumnal sort of afternoon, a perfect november day. I count in my mind the cups of tea, chocolate and coffee that I had today. how many were they? four? maybe six? too many they were, that I know. my after work meeting has been cancelled and now I'm confused, with all that time on my hands. I thought I managed to avoid a routine but who would've thought that routine was made of meeting people each day.

I wish I had a map with things to do and places to visit when you have no plan whatsoever. a bohemian guide with all sorts of places where you could expand a feeling of such a sweet november. and I know it is you who's making me nervous, but it's me drinking all that tea and all that unnecessary coffee. and when I think I wanted to take my camera with me today. but I forgot it at home just like I forgot that today is not wednesday.

wish I could count the people who are now for sure taking walks on the yellow boulevards. I cannot see them, but I know they're there. hand in hand, the elders are always those who make you smile: they knew something we no longer know nowadays.

a warm feeling of nothing.

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  1. "they knew something we no longer know nowadays"- that's the exact reason why I love hand in hand elderly couples. nicely put!


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