05 November 2010

so I'm leaving Bucharest next week

just for the weekend, no worries. :)

so I've pretty much found it impossible to wake up on time this morning. Felt too lazy to drag myself to the kitchen and I also forgot my yummy rice which I cooked last night in order to have a healthy lunch instead of going again and buy chocolate chip cookies from snack attack (now, seriously, they do have supposedly healthy food there, but I always found the name a little bit disturbing: this food's attacking your health, this is how I always interpret it).

h'anyways, going back to my lazy morning, I did manage to buy the newspaper (feels good at least having the impression of skipping from reading them online) but I wish I had breakfast in the morning since this became something so very important in the last months that I always feel bad when I miss it.

talking about the weekends now. well, for me enjoying a weekend means being an early bird. doing groceries, going to events, buying books, having tea with friends. and this involves not staying up late. but this weekend is already so full and so booked as I like to call it that I don't know how I will manage do all the things I do when I have the weekend free.

As you know, I have a project in mind but I cannot tell you about yet (come to think, I always have projects in mind but I suppose it's a proof of mental health that I'm not trying to make them all become reality). So I have already half of the team but I'm still on the look for some others. And the weirdest part is that I have no idea what I'm doing. I mean, I know some of the things I'm supposed to be doing, but other stuff, I really have no clue. But as a team, I can only hope we'll manage to get through it and find the right path. Excitement has gone through the roof and I know what matters the most is that I believe in this so that the others will also believe and then we can stick together for better or for worse. Is that how they say it?

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