15 May 2011

oh, but we got it

and all the plans and rue de rivoli and look, I can do this and that and all these crazy ideas oh but how I like it you know I didn't even care that you haven't and I pack again and again and again and how about a weekend in vienna but for sure that awesome heart of you and me and everyone we know a day for change for sure because 56,4 and bucharest I love it do you hear me when I say the three words and loneliness I embrace and I smile to strangers while on empty unknown streets on somethingsgasse and I love and I fall and from time to time I am my own hero and that keeps me going but it's a long way and I know it now but I'm already half there and the past what past there is no such thing my life begins now and every morning and things are good and I love you and you and you and there's only one person remaining there to love but it's like vonnegutsaid although I never read anything by him but I believe nevertheless in what he said love anyone who's around to be loved and so I guess that's also me around there begging myself for love and forgiveness and all the amazing people I have in my life now and ok god let's make peace and so thank you for this existence or whoever's there I am thankful and happy to be here there is only one place I feel like home I never thought I'd fall for so many cities in the world except for my hometown I got split I live everywhere now there and here and so how about we keep on going on that road of change so we can smile at the end of it especially that there is no end so I guess we just walk along while trying to keep ourselves together they say share whatever you know and inspire others I don't know much and I lost my faith because I thought it's better without but every human should believe in something I get to live this day and that's reason enough to believe smile and know for sure that I can do anything I want to change everything I don't wanna in my life so how about you?

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With the past, I have nothing to do; nor with the future. I live now. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Don’t pray when it rains if you don’t pray when the sun shines.

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